Short Round with her new babies

Lisa had her first Border Terrier when she was at university; she couldn’t afford a Saluki!

Border Terriers

My first border terrier was called Wilberforce. He was born in 1970 and was the son of Ch Deerstone Realization. He was a handsome dog and did quite a bit of winning as a puppy, but by 9 months he had grown unforgivably large, so I stopped showing him. He was full of character if rather naughty. What my Dad said about him sums it up rather well, “He is a smashing little dog, but I’m glad he’s not mine.” Anyway, He got me hooked, and I have had a border ever since, with one or two rather empty small gaps! Wilberforce once ran off down the road and into a neighbour’s garden. Usually when he did this, the neighbour would tell him to come home in no uncertain terms, and he obeyed instantly, slinking back home with his tail between his legs. On this particular occasion, she wasn’t in, so Wilberforce found he could just get through her cat door. Once in, he managed to jump up onto her worktop and ate a whole joint of bacon, which was soaking in some water. My neighbour arrived home later to find Wilberforce firmly wedged in her catflap, in an attempt to get out! She managed to free him and he came straight home and drank several bowls of water before being heartily and copiously sick! This was just one of many scrapes he got into, including one involving a rat, a dustbin and a shotgun!

Wilberforce was a charming but rather naughty little dog!

Short Round had her first litter in May 2002, by Ch Otterkin Blue Bayou Conundrum, BOB at Crufts and top winning Border Terrier. There were 4 lovely puppies, 2 dogs and 2 bitches. She had her 2nd litter on Dec23 2006, to Ch Gameway Kiwi JW. 2 dogs, 2 bitches and her 3rd in 2007, again to Kiwi, 1 dog, 1 bitch. She has now retired!

Jessica showing Glenoak TootsieShort Round loves her toysShort Round just after we had herShort Round at 2 yearsWilberforce had an unusual friend, Petal!Short Round in the snow at 5 monthsRueberry Miss Magic of Glenoak (Snoball) and her daughter G TootsieCh Gameway Kiwi JWNext pageCh Otterkin Blue Bayou ConundrumShort Round age 6Short Round's puppies 5.5 wksMilli, 5 days oldMilli belongs to Lisa's friend, Gina

Short Round (Plushcourt Inexcess at Glenoak) was bred by Betty Judge. She is 9.

Milli in thoughtful moodMolli meets Mrs TortoiseMolli, aged 4 months, with Short Round