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These two are Freyha & Peri, almost where Glenoak Salukis began. Freyha was the first saluki we owned together and Peri was the first dog we bought together. Cleos Gem of Glenoak was dam of Ch Glenoak Ruby Gem ( Freyha) and also of Glenoak Sapphire Star (Callie). Callie had been homed as a puppy, but she was returned to us at the age of five, when her owner could no longer cope with her. She was mated to Peri and the result was our A litter, consisting of one dog puppy, Glenoak Azra-El. He was a well constructed dog and a lovely mover, but he did not have the prettiest of heads, although technically it was within the standard. Azra-el got 1CC & 1 RCC. Peri died aged 14 and Freyha at 14. Azra-El died in 2001 aged 15

Cleo with the litter she had for Lisa, the black/tan is Ch Glenoak Ruby GemCh Glenoak Ruby Gem & Ch Lusaki Pericles of Glenoak JWGlenoak Azra-El

Glenoak Salukis

In the beginning, Lisa had always wanted a saluki, and when she saw one advertised cheap in the local paper, she rushed to see it! The young couple who owned her were going back to Saudi, so they wanted another home for the dog. Cleo was 15 months old, a beautiful deer grizzle, but very thin and nervous. Her only exercise was walking to and from the shops every day with the baby in a
















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The great Pericles was bred by Joan & Owen Davies. He was UK top winning dog for 2 years and also top sire!

Peri, a lovely photo by David Dalton

pushchair, so muscle was not much in evidence. She soon got used to her new home, became less nervous and grew some muscles. She was very well behaved and could be let off the lead. Lisa was only able to show her at 4 ch shows, but she got a first at every one. Cleos Gem of Glenoak had 4 puppies by Lusaki Ash Karani, owned & bred by Joan and Owen Davies.

We hope to have a litter from Tahira early 2010

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Ishaara winning Best Puppy in Show at the SGHC Open Show, 2003Ch Glenoak inqi JW, aged 18 monthsGlenoak Izadi,a beautiful Saluki

Years of careful line breeding have produced beautiful Salukis like these.

Glenoak Izadi, a beautiful Saluki

Ishaara winning Best Puppy in Show at the SGHC Open Show, 2003

Ch Glenoak Inqi JW, aged 18 months

Peri, (Ch Lusaki Pericles of Genoak JW), a lovely photo by David Dalton, and relaxing in the garden